New Puppy? Here's 7 Things to Remember!

New Puppy? Here's 7 Things to Remember!

Bringing home a puppy is incredibly exciting, but even if it isn’t your first time it can feel a little daunting! So if you’re expecting a new pup in your house soon, we’ve listed the things you should get your hands on so you can have a smooth and enjoyable homecoming. Because being prepared is the best way to start!

1. Safe Place To Play And Sleep

Puppies need their own safe space where they can play until they’re house trained! It also makes it much easier to stay in control of any chewing or peeing whilst they’re learning.

The crate doesn’t need to be huge, just big enough so that they can stand up and turn around comfortably (along with a few toys, too!)

2. Supply Of Healthy Food & Treats

When it comes to dog food, you should make a well informed decision about what to feed your new pup, as giving them the best quality food you can will help your dog grow big and strong.

Also, remember that puppies usually eat around three times a day! So stock up so you won't run out!

3. A Sturdy Collar & Leash

Even though it will be a little while before you’ll be taking your puppy on walks, it’s important to have a leash ready for when you do. Because they’ll be growing so quickly, it’s best to start with an adjustable one, remembering to check the quality of the condition and fit! You should be able to slide two fingers underneath the collar, but it can't be so loose that it can slip over the pup's head!

4. ID Tags

Make sure you’re ready with an ID tag in case your puppy goes wandering. It’s should include your puppy’s name, your family name, and your contact details such as a phone number and/or address.

5. Food & Water Bowl

These should be ready from the get-go. Top tip: non-slip bowls minimize spills (which might happen a lot while they get used to it) and for the dog’s comfort, an elevated dog bowl is often a better option!

6. Play Toys & Chew Toys

In the same way babies are, puppies are incredibly curious and learn a lot through play! To keep your puppy mentally stimulated (which will tire them out quickly) provide an array of toys with different texture, sounds and shapes.

Chew toys are also a must, especially if you don’t want your furniture chewed to shreds! It means your dog can get used to chewing toys, rather than table legs which is an important lesson if the chewing continues throughout their life!

7. Patience & A Plan

Even if your puppy is a little subdued in the first few days, it won’t be long until their personality shows. They can very quickly become a handful – full of energy, biting, chewing and peeing. While this can be overwhelming at first, it’s important to have a training plan! (Along with a lot of patience.)

As your puppy develops, it needs to learn new things to keep it mentally and physically stimulated. Otherwise he or she will come up with a few games on their own (something along the lines of chewing anything and everything in sight).

And most importantly, good luck and enjoy the new member in your family!

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