How Many Treats Should You Feed Your Dog?

How Many Treats Should You Feed Your Dog?

You’ve worked out your dog’s daily food allowance, but what about their treat allowance? Do you count them? Well if not, it might be time to start doing your sums. Treats can mean your dog is getting more calories than they should, which can put them on the path to weight gain (which, as you know, can lead to multiple health problems).

Why Do I Need To Start Counting?

Similarly to when us humans limit our donut intake, too many treats for your pet can lead to too many calories! If they’re not burning off these calories by exercising enough, they’ll be stored as fat, leaving your pup at risk of a whole plethora of illness and complications.

How Many Calories Does My Dog Need?

It’s pretty complicated when it comes to dog’s calories as every dog is different. Everything needs to be considered, such as:

Age – puppies need more calories than older dogs

Activity Level – the more they exercise the more calories they need

Weight – adding or cutting calories is important if you dog is under or over-weight

Body condition – the amount of muscle to fat also affects the number of calories they need

Neutering – this can slow your dog’s metabolic rate by around 5%

Are Treats Healthy?

Treats can be a healthy and beneficial part of your dog’s diet, especially as part of their training routine, and treats can include dental chews which help to look after your dog’s teeth. The occasional unhealthy treat is okay but remember: only in moderation.

Here’s some tips on how to give your dog some healthy treats:

Use kibbles from your dog’s daily allowance of food, so you’re not adding any calories

Look for low calorie snacks

Avoid giving your dog your human foods as they can be dangerous and full of calories

Know how much your dog weighs and whether you need to decrease or increase their calorie intake.

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